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      Successful Cooperation with GEMA in Iran

      time:2015-12-14   visitor:141

      Type: Powder coating line

      Business: Home Appliance

      Process: Load - Hot Water Rinse(50-55℃ 1min) - Pre-degreasing(50-55℃ 1min) - Degreasing(50-55℃ 2min) - Water Rinse 1(RT 1min) - Water Rinse 2 (RT 1min) - Surface Conditioning (RT 1min) - Phosphating(40-45℃ 2.5min) - Water Rinse 3 (RT 1min) - Water Rinse 4(RT 1min) - Pure Water Rinse 1(RT 1min) - Pure Water Direct Spraying (RT 1 Pipeline) - Natural Dripping(RT  2min) - Moisture Drying (110-120℃  10min Hot Air Circulating) - Cooling(RT 20min)- Powder Spraying (Automatic +Manual) - Powder Curing(180-200℃ 20min Hot Air Circulating)- Cooling(RT 15min) - Unload

      Our client is an old establishment makes all kinds of Refrigerators, Freezer, Combi Refrigerator-Freezer, Side By Side and Twine Refrigerator & Freezer, Gas Burner Place Heater, Gas Burner Fire Place, Hermatic Place Heater, Evaporative (Water) Air Cooler, Double-Fan Air Cooler, Air Conditioner, Gas Tank Water Heater and Full Automatic Front Load Washing Machine.

      It has enjoyed a good reputation in making good quality and modern technology home appliances.

      In collaboration with Swiss GEMA powder coating equipment sole distributor, we built them an automatic powder coating line.

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