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      Sewing machine coating equipment

      time:2020-09-09   visitor:37

      Industry: Sewing Machinery

      Process flow:

      Automatic loading

      Primer line: loading - cleaning - drying - robot spray primer - primer drying - cooling

      Middle-coat line: puttying - putty polishing - cleaning and finishing - robot middle-coat spraying- middle-coat drying - cooling

      Top-coat line: middle-coat polishing- putty filling - putty polishing - finishing and shielding - robot powder coating - powder curing - cooling and unloading

      (The transfer between the three lines is automatically completed by a robot)

      The customer is engaged in the R & D, production and sales of intelligent manufacturing equipment such as industrial sewing and household sewing machines, and is in a global leading position in the field of automatic sewing technology. It is a professional equipment supplier that occupies the commanding height of global sewing technology and customized industrial 4.0 application solutions for customers. It is a Sino foreign joint-stock enterprise that issues A and B shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is the first listed company in China's sewing machinery industry and has more than 40 branches and subsidiaries at home and abroad. Based on OURS Coating’s rich experience in the field of intelligent coating, the customer entrusted us to build a fully automatic coating line for its intelligent manufacturing plant. The line can monitor energy consumption at any time, monitor the operation of equipment at various stations, monitor the emissions of the three wastes at any time, so that the manager can know the line capacity, energy consumption, workpiece quality and other information at any time, so that each product can be traced back to the production process, which helps the intelligent factories and won unanimous praise from customers.

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